Thanks to your support you will contribute to save one of the most important natural parks in Africa


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We support one of the most important natural parks in Africa, the Zakouma National Park!

Zakouma Park, in Chad, protects a natural heritage of inestimable value, hosting a unique ecosystem and biodiversity. The park protects many endangered animal species, such as the very rare Kordofan giraffes, the Lelwel antelopes, the last Saharan elephants and the only black rhinos outside southern Africa.

The Zakouma Park conservation is key to save these animals and to preserve the only green lung in the south-east of Chad, an area strongly affected by the effects of climate change. Alisei’s project helps to protect the Park’s integrity and to improve the living conditions of the agro-pastoral communities living in the surrounding areas, by providing them access to water resources and support to agricultural activities.

Help us preserve this natural wonder!

Thanks to your support you will contribute to the tracking of a transhumance corridor along more than 300 km outside the Park, thus avoiding the encroachment of the herds in the Park’s protected areas. You will also help us to build essential agro-pastoral infrastructure – 4 watering basins, 4 wells, 3 veterinary pharmacies and 3 animal vaccination parks – which will enable local communities to run their activities while respecting the environment, thus preventing the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and preserving the integrity of the Zakouma Park precious ecosystem.

Thank you for your support!  For more info visit www.alisei.org or contact us at info@alisei.org

Zakouma National Park - CHAD

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